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turmeric lemongrass foot lotion



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HIGH ALTITUDE ORGANICS TM Turmeric-Lemongrass foot hydrating lotion with 84% organic content will leave your skin with silky-smooth comfort and ache-free relief. An essential oil combination of Turmeric, Lemongrass, Ylan-Ylang, and Orange release calming and relaxing aroma that will sooth your mind and body, as well as relieve your aching feet from pains and aches. Turmeric contains more than 300 antioxidants, which makes it a powerful wound healer. It is known in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for more than 4,000 years to treat many skin and health conditions. Lemongrass helps in regeneration of ligaments and connective tissues and even improves lymph and blood flow. Its properties include antiseptic, analgesic, antifungal, antimicrobial and antidepressant effects. Lemongrass is known for benefiting a variety of problems, such as athlete’s foot, skin rashes, stress, muscle pain and flatulence. Aloe Vera's natural anti-inflammatory and healing action promotes cell growth and rejuvenates the skin. Coconut and Jojoba soften the skin and reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, help lighten scars, lubricate the skin and act as natural anti-oxidants. Astringent Witch Hazel helps tighten the skin and minimize the appearance of veins. Silk Peptides contain amino acids that help build cells and repair tissue, they are readily absorbed and can protect and nourish the skin, while preventing its dehydration. Vitamin E exhibits antioxidant properties that protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Neem oil has moisturizing and regenerative properties and is great for eczema and psoriasis. Rosemary extract helps strengthen the capillaries, balance the secretion of sebum and rejuvenates sluggish skin...Enjoy...

CAUTION: Due to presence of natual Turmeric, this product may stain clothing.

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