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Arnica Oil Benefits

Arnica Oil Extract for soothing and comforting painful conditions associated with sore muscles, muscle aches, sprains, back and neck cramps, and soothing sore legs and feet.

Arnica oil is known to provide a soothing relief for stiff back and neck, and makes a great addition to a deep tissue massage oil and bath oil for loosening sore muscles.

Arnica oil is beneficial for evening out skin tone in cases of skin bruising (bruises), comforting and soothing skin in cases of insect bites, soothing and calming over-sunbathed skin, and for easing and relaxing tired joints.

Arnica oil is used to calm and relax skin tissue in cases of sprains, fractures, and help pacify post-surgery trauma and bruising.

Arnica oil works wonders on those sore leg and arm muscles and aching feet after a morning run, or a gym work-out.

Arnica oil is a must for a professional athlete or anyone to have around the house.

Arnica oil may be useful for calming and soothing conditions associated with aching joints.

Who can benefit from using Arnica oil?
Any fitness warriors, or professional athletes. Wrestlers, grapplers (judo and jujitsu players), MMA fighters, boxers, gymnasts, and track athletes, rugby, basketball, and volleyball players definitely have plenty of occasion to use Arnica oil to soothe muscle and joint aches and promote speedy recovery from accidents and injuries. Anyone who is prone to bumps and accidents, and with the thinner skin and easy bruising (that is the bane of many elderly people’s lives) should keep Arnica oil in their medicine cabinet. Many star athletes use Arnica oil and salve daily as a calming and soothing remedy for injuries and trauma. Arnica oil is needed by almost everyone who may encounter various bumps, bangs, and bruises as they walk and run and climb. Many people apply Arnica oil post surgery to promote speedy healing. Bulk Wholesale Sizes Available.


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