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Birch *Black, Sweet* Bark Essential Oil (Betula Lenta)

Birch Black Sweet (Betula Lenta) Essential Oil


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HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Sweet Birch Essential Oil is steam distilled from the pulverized bark of the of Betula Lenta tree. Common names of Betula lenta are black birch, sweet birch, or cherry birch.

Today, many industries incorporate birch bark into many skin and body care, as well as herbal medicinal products. 

Birch oil has a fresh, minty aroma; a sharp and familiar fragrance that is soothing and calming. Birch's refreshing fragrance promotes relaxation to an overworked mind and body. 

Among other benefits, Birch essential oil helps restore comfort and tranquility. Not only does it have a vibrant and energizing smell, but it also has a wide variety of skin and health benefits. Some companies use it as a fragrance component in men’s perfumes and colognes. 

The Sweet Birch essential oil is composed of many natural constituents, main of which are salicylic acid, methyl salicylates, betulene, and betulenol. These natural chemicals possess a wide range of skin and health benefits, as well as natural antibacterial and preservative qualities. Salicylic acid and methyl salicylate are popular bactericides in the field of medicine. Some lotions and creams incorporate birch oil to counteract skin problems and help encourage circulation.

Regular use of Birch essential oil can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin, and tone and soothe underlying muscles. Its astringent property also makes it useful for tightening the skin. It can also strengthen the hair and soothe scalp issues.

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