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Orris Root Absolute Oil (Iris Pallida)

Orris Root Absolute Oil (Iris Pallida)


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HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Orris Root absolute oil is extracted from the Iris Pallida plant, also known as Iris Germanic, Iris Florentine and Iris pallid, Iris, and Flag Iris, and  exhibits a beautiful flowery violet-like fragrance. The extraction process to obtain Orris Root oil is very slow and time consuming that requires an enormous amount of flowers to produce a small amount of oil.

Mildly refreshing and astringent, Orris root is important in western herbal medicine, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, and is used mainly as a fixative and base note in perfumery and potpourri.

Orris Root oil is considered to have a positive effect on the moisture content and elasticity of the skin and helps the skin to rid itself of toxins.

It is believed that Orris root can be used to find and hold love. Orris Root oil blends best with fixed oils and works excellently in solid perfumes... Enjoy...

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