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Amber Essential Oil - Liquidambar orientalis

Amber *Styrax* Absolute Oil (Liquidambar orientalis)


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What Is Amber Oil? Since one can't extract an oil from an amber stone, amber oil is derived from extracts from various tree resins — hence the earthy, woody scent.

Amber (Styrax) Absolute is extracted from the resinous sap of Liquidambar orientalis tree, commonly known as oriental sweetgum or Turkish sweetgum, a deciduous tree in the genus Liquidambar, native to the eastern Mediterranean.

In English, this oil is known under several names, shortly as Storax to include all sweetgum oils, or as Styrax Levant, Asiatic Storax, Balsam Storax, Liquid Storax, Oriental Sweetgum Oil, or Turkish Sweetgum Oil, and Resin of Rose Maloes. Diluted with a suitable carrier oil, Liquidambar orientalis is used externally in traditional medicine. It is a different product from the benzoin resin produced from tropical trees in the genus Styrax.

Liquidambar is an important resource for medicinal and other beneficial compounds. The sap, known as storax, has been used for centuries to treat common ailments such as skin problems, coughs, and ulcers. More recently, storax has proven to be a strong antimicrobial agent even against multidrug resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. In addition to the sap, the leaves, bark, and seeds of sweetgum also possess beneficial compounds such as shikimic acid with antiviral properties.

Other extracts derived from sweetgum trees have shown potential as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-fungul, and chemopreventive agents. The Liquidambar oil also makes an environment-friendly pesticide.

Amber oil is widely used in perfumery, and is best used in small amounts to enhance the scent of other formulas, as it acts as a fixative and keeps those aromas stronger for a longer period of time.

The Liquidambar orientalis oil has notes of cinnamon, pine, balsam, floral and spice, with hints of sweet lilac and hyacinth.

Liquidambar pairs well with citrus scents including mimosa, orange, mandarin, and neroli as well as florals such as violet, lavender, vanilla, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine as well as frankincense, myrrh and patchouli.

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