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Fougere Absolute Oil

Fougere Absolute Oil


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HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS TM Fougere Absolute Oil is native of the country France.

The word fougere "Fougereis" stands for 'fern' in the French language and has its roots back in the 19th century when Paul Parquet created it for the famous French Houbigant perfumery. This absolute is considered to be the actual essence of the masculine fragrance. This accord is considered to be one of the kind expressing the quintessence of manhood. This fragrance when blended with other oils can give variety of aromas that are oceanic, spicy, flowery or wood like. Due to its rich fragrance, it is widely used in the perfumery industry.

The fougere oil is obtained by combining various fragrant oils together the remarkable spoors of lavender, oak moss and coumarinas base notes resulting in a bold and powerful aroma that is hard to be forgotten. Together with other fragrances it can become spicy, oceanic, floral or even woody depending on the personal preferences.

This oil is used in the perfumery on a large scale for men and women due to its range of fragrance. Apart from the perfumery, its rich aroma is also used as an aid for meditation. The soothing fragrance helps build up the concentration. It is also helpful in lightening up the mood.

It also has the ability to heal skin related problems as well as can be used to reduce the stress and anxiety levels.

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