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French Marigold Essential Oil (Tagetes Patula)

French Marigold Essential Oil (Tagetes Patula)


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HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ French Marigold Essential Oil is steam distilled from  Tagetes Patula, a flowering plant in the daisy family.

Blends well with clary sage, jasmine, lavender, lemon, myrrh, and tangerine.

Tagetes is a powerful essential oil and should ideally only be used under the supervision of a qualified aromatherapist. Tagetes oil is frequently used in skin care and fragrance industry, in massage blends, creams, and hair care. It's also used in medicinal preparations intended for healing of various skin conditions.

Tagetes Patula essential oil contains phyto-constituents that are beneficial for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Read these essential oils/absolutes use WARNINGS before purchase.

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