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Chamomile Essential Oil *German* (Matricaria Chamomilla)

Chamomile (German, Matricaria Chamomilla) Essential Oil


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German Chamomile Essential Oil

HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ German Chamomile Essential Oil is steam distilled from Matricaria Chamomilla flower  cultivated in Nepal.

Blends well with: geranium, lavender, rose, ylang ylang, bergamot, lemon, neroli, clary sage, benzoin, patchouli, sandalwood, and mandarin.

German Chamomile Essential Oil

German Chamomile Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

German Chamomile is soothing, calming and balancing essential oil which is ideal for the hyperactive, workaholic types and chronic worriers.

German Chamomile oil has a high content of Azulene, the active organic compound of Chamomile. Azulenes, although linked to the color hues of blue, can also be green, violet, blue/violet and red/violet.

Chamazulene - Azulene discovered in chamomile. Some azulenes occur naturally, some are created from a precursor within the steam distillation process. The synergy of heat and pressure required for the distillation of  Azulene. Azulene has powerful anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties which makes German Chamomile a perfect ingredient for sensitive skin.

German Chamomile oil is calming and soothing and can help with calming senses and for relaxation.

German Chamomile Essential Oil

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German Chamomile Essential Oil

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German Chamomile Essential Oil

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