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Honeysuckle Essential Oil (Lonicera caprifolium)

Honeysuckle Essential Oil Absolute (Lonicera caprifolium)


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HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Honeysuckle Essential Oil Absolue is extracted from the Lonicera Caprifolium plant (also known as Italian woodbine, Perfoliate Honeysuckle, Goat-leaf Honeysuckle, Italian Honeysuckle, or Perfoliate Woodbine), is native to parts of Europe and northeastern North America and characterized by its perfoliate topmost leaves and bears masses of very fragrant, cream and pink flowers, blooming in midsummer.

Honeysuckle oil is renowned for the presence of naturally occuring complex phytochemicals, such as iridoids, anthocyanins, flavonols, flavanonols, flavones, flavan-3-ols, and phenolic acids.

What honeysuckle smells like. The heady, slightly citrus-y, slightly honey-like scent asserts itself in any fragrance it’s in and brings to mind warm, summer days.

The soothing properties of Honeysuckle essential oil are beneficial for dry skin conditions.

Honeysuckle oil is rich in flavonoids and saponins, which are sources of antioxidants and help shield the skin against free radicals that cause damage and signs of aging.

In cosmetic products, Honeysuckle essential oil can soothe inflamed skin, improve uneven skin tone and dullness, as well as serve as a natural skin cleanser and mild exfoliant.

Honeysuckle essential oil that can help improve dry or brittle hair and split ends. By adding a few drops of this oil to a shampoo, one can give an extra moisturizing boost to hair locks and improve the appearance of hair from scalp to tip.

Honeysuckle essential oil is a popular addition to massage oil blends for its soothing effects on the body.

Honeysuckle essential oil is very popular for inclusion in fragrances, perfume, soaps, and other personal care products, as well as used in aromatherapy to calm the senses.

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Victoria Cheek

I ordered some of your honeysuckle oil through Amazon. It came quickly in the mail. The smell is amazing. Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback. We are looking forward to serving you again!

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