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Kewra Absolute Oil (Pandanus odoratissimus)

Kewra Absolute Oil (Pandanus odoratissimus)


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HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Kewra absolute oil is extracted from the blooming male flowers of Pandanus odoratissimus (also known as the Screw Pine, Palau, Pandanus Tectorius, Kevada, Kewda, Kevra, Keya, Kevado, Kedage, Javnana Chedi, Mogali Chettu, etc) which have a distinct flowery scent, both pleasing and refreshing and often used as fragrance and/or in creation of perfumes.

The Kewra is a native to Palau. When fully developed, kewda tree would produce spikes consisting of 30-40 flowers, each weighing about 6 inches. The male and female flowers are produced on different plants. The male flowers are called Ketaki Viphala and female flowers are called Swarna Ketaki in Sanskrit. The plant flowers three times a year, in summer, monsoon and winter. July-September or monsoon season is the best time for the flowers to bloom, with 60 percent flowers growing in the season. Male kewra flowers have sweet and fruity fragrance. Only the male flowers are used to extract fragrance. Female kewra flowers have no fragrance and hence, left as it is to develop into fruits.

The chief chemical constituent of Kewra oil is methyl ether of beta - phenylethyl alcohol. The Kewra oil also contains diterpene, d-linalool, phenylethyl acetate, citral, phenylethyl alcohol, ester of phthalic acid, fatty acids and stearoptene.

Kewra oil is knows for its antioxidant and relaxing properties, as well as cleansing and anti-aging properties on skin. In Ayurveda it is utilized for addressing various health ailments, including some degenerative conditions.

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