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Linden Blossom (Tilia Vulgaris) Essential Oil

Linden Blossom (Tilia Vulgaris) Essential Oil


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Linden Blossom Essential Oil

HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Linden Blossom Essential Oil is steam distilled from the blossoms of Tilia Vulgaris tree, native to Europe. Linden is a deciduous tree that produces delicate beautifully scented flowers that attract the bees. Linden tree grows 20-40 m tall and lives up to 1000 years. Linden tree is significant in the mythology, folklore and literature of many North and Eastern European cultures. Linden tree was considered sacred and worshipped as a tree of truth, love and fertility.

Linden Blossom Essential Oil (Tilia Vulgaris)

Linden Blossom Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Linden flowers and its essential oil have been used for centuries for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. 

Linde essential oil is rich in flavonoids, phytosterols, polysaccharides, tannins, phenolic and ascorbic acids, volatile oils and carotenoids that are responsible for its therapeutic and beauty benefits.

Applied topically, Linden essential oil helps maintain youthful looking skin and healthy hair. They are widely used in beauty and skincare products, such as creams, lotions, shampoos, serums, etc.

In skin care Linden oil provides the following benefits:

  • provides powerful antioxidant protection
  • slows down skin aging process
  • offers water-binding properties
  • locks moisture into skin
  • makes skin soft and supple
  • acts as natural astringent
  • balances skin natural sebum production
  • tightens and cleans the pores
  • firms the skin
  • soothes and calms irritated, itchy skin and scalp

Linden essential oil is extensively utilized in aromatherapy, massage, and perfume industry for its amazingly beautiful fragrance and therapeutic effects on the body.

Linden Blossom Essential Oil (Tilia Vulgaris)

Read these essential oils/absolutes use WARNINGS before purchase.

Linden Blossom Essential Oil (Tilia Vulgaris)


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