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Narcissus Daffodil Essential Oil (Narcissus Poeticus)

Narcissus Daffodil (Narcissus Poeticus) Absolute Essential Oil


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HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Narcissus (Daffodil) Essential Oil is extracted from the Narcissus Poeticus plant, also known as Narcissus Pseudonarcissus, Narcissus Daffodil, Poeticus, Poet's Daffodil, Nargis, Pheasant's Eye, Findern Flower, and Pinkster Lily.

Poet's Daffodil is cultivated in the Netherlands and southern France (Grasse) for its essential Narcissus oil, one of the most popular fragrances used in perfumes and skin care. Narcissus oil is unique, constantly showcasing aromatic notes of a provocative nature that delight, charm, tenderly caress. 

Narcissus fragrance exudes warm, heady, delicately charged spiced fruit punch notes entwined with green crushed foliage that is crisp and clean. This is followed by delicate floral notes infused with soft cotton, honey, almonds and sweet peaches and all of good tenacity. Some find that Narcissus oil's fragrance resembles a combination of jasmine and hyacinth. 

Narcissus oil is very rare and expensive and is used in high-class perfumes. In India the oil is applied to the body before prayer in temples. Arabians recommend the oil as an aphrodisiac.

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