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neem oil

Neem Oil *Virgin*


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HIGH ALTITUDE ORGANICS™ Cold-pressed from organic Neem tree nuts without the use of any chemical additives. Virgin Neem Oil has long been used cosmetically. It is widely known for its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties in a variety of applications. Being filtered, our Virgin Organic Neem Oil has a dark honey/brown color and a strong, characteristic odor. Cosmetic grade - recommended for topical use ONLY, and is NOT suitable for internal use. Not for Human Consumption.
Virgin Neem Oil is of thick viscosity. It will solidify at typical room temperatures. For this reason, the oil comes in a jar. Other companies dilute Neem Oil with other oils to make it pourable. We do not dilute our Virgin Neem Oil. It comes 100% Pure.
Neem is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-parasitic. Because of these properties, it is widely used in many different toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, hair care products, and skin care products.
Virgin Neem Oil is used to treat a wide array of diseases, illnesses, and problems, and is considered a cure-all in India.
The Virgin Neem Oil has moisturizing and regenerative properties, contains Vitamin E, and has essential fatty acids. Scientific research today validates many of the traditional uses of Neem Oil, it is used to treat bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, boost the immune system, and for many specific health problems. It is also used to deter mosquitoes, fleas, flies, ticks, mites, and lice...Enjoy...

DIRECTIONS: Add up to 10% of the carrier oil for massage and to any creams and lotions, or use undiluted.

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