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Oakmoss Essential Oil (Evernia prunastri)

Oakmoss Essential Oil (Evernia prunastri)


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HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Oakmoss Essential oil is extracted from Evernia prunastri plant. Oakmoss, as the name suggests, is a kind of moss or lichen that grows on the branches of Oak trees. Oak is distributed all over Europe and North America and so is oakmoss. While most European nations collect this moss, the essential oil from this moss is extracted mainly in France and it is the biggest producer of oakmoss essential Oil.
The essential oil of oakmoss is extracted by a vacuum distillation method. The chief components of oakmoss essential oil are atranorine, chloratronorine, delta usnic acid, and evernic acid.
The essential oil of oakmoss is a sweet-smelling natural substance that possesses medicinal, cosmetic and fragrance properties.
Oakmoss essential oil is antiseptic and soothing to skin and keeps it smooth and soft by maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the skin.
Oakmoss oil is a restorative and diminishes the effect of the damage done by aging and other daily wear and tears taking place in the body by speeding up their healing and restoring them back to their healthy state and widely used in aromatherapy.
Oakmoss oil is also used in soaps, skin care products, sprays and many similar cosmetics.
Oakmoss essential oil is also known for its fixative value and finds a wide range of use in the fragrance industry..Enjoy...

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