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Sandalwood Essential Oil *East India* (Santalum Album)

Sandalwood (East Indian, Santalum Album) Essential Oil


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 Sandalwood Essential Oil

HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Sandalwood Essential Oil is steam distilled from the East Indian sandalwood, known as santal, saunders and sandalwood Mysore. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil

 Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Sandalwood essential oil offers wonderful skin care and anti-aging properties, and used to address various skin problems. Sandalwood oil soothes, refreshes, cools, and tightens skin. Sandalwood oil helps dehydrated skin retain moisture and may help prevent and diminish the appearance of scars, blemishes, and spots.

Sandalwood essential oil is used in massage and aromatherapy to aid relaxation and calm mood and tension, invoking inner vision and positive thoughts.

Sandalwood oil makes a great deodorant.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Read these essential oils/absolutes use WARNINGS before purchase.

Sandalwood Essential Oil


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