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Mimosa Absolute Oil (Acacia Mearnsii)

Mimosa Absolute Essential Oil (Acacia Mearnsii)


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Mimosa Absolute Oil

HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS™ Mimosa Absolute Oil is extracted from the flowers of Acacia Mearnsii plant, commonly known as Black Wattle, also known as Acácia-negra (Portuguese), Australian acacia, Australische Akazie (German), Swartwattel (Afrikaans), Uwatela (Zulu).

Acacia Mearnsii is native to south-eastern Australia and Tasmania, but has been introduced to North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Pacific and Indian Ocean islands, Africa, and New Zealand. Acacia mearnsii appears to be most closely related to A. dealbata, A. nanodealbata and A. baileyana.

Mimosa Oil Benefits

Mimosa oil (Acacia Mearnsii) is known to be long used in therapeutic preparations, cosmetics, massage,  bath, skin care, and perfumery.

Mimosa oil (Acacia Mearnsii) has shown to help with the discomfort, inflammation, and skin irritations, as well as improve dry skin issues.

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